How Can You Make Money on TikTok? Here are the Ways

How Can You Make Money on TikTok

How Can You Make Money on TikTok? Here are the Ways

How can you make money on TikTok is actually quite easy, but it requires quite a lot of creativity and consistency. Basically, how to make money from TikTok is like making money on other platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, or other social media.

Can You Make Money on TikTok

Why is this method of making money from TikTok the same? Because almost all sources of money are generated from ‘traffic’ viewers. Maybe you can see one of them on Instagram, where the higher the followers and people who ‘like’ a post, the more impact it will be to offer advertisements for various products on the Instagram account.

Then why do people want to work together? This is related to the ‘traffic’ that was mentioned earlier. Traffic itself may have the meaning of ‘traffic’, of course it’s not wrong, because when traffic to social media accounts is very high, then whatever form of post is uploaded, netizens will definitely see and pay attention to it, especially posts that are indeed entertaining.

Another example, if you’ve seen a billboard on a highway, usually the billboard is placed in a strategic location and is busy with people passing by, such as an intersection or a location close to a very busy public facility such as a bus stop. The more people there are, the higher the chance that the product will “accidentally” be recognized by the public.

Tricks on How Can You Make Money on TikTok

These tricks will form the basis of how can you make money on TikTok. The higher the people who like and appreciate your TikTok posts, then gradually you will start to be targeted for marketing a product. Apart from advertising, you can also make money from live streaming, where the sticker gift given by the audience can be converted into TikTok rupiah coins.

I have summarized how can you make money on TikTok by increasing account traffic, which is certainly easy to do. However, you must remember if this method is effective or not, it depends on the extent of creativity and consistency to always produce interesting works through TikTok.

How Can You Make Money on TikTok

  1. Create a Unique Profile

This method of how can you make money on TikTok is an initial key that needs attention. Try to build an account profile that is unique and different from other TikTok profiles, and try to make the content theme on your profile unique and easily accepted by the public. On some of the most famous TikTok creators you can see if they have a distinctive feature that becomes their identity. This will make you stand out from the millions of other TikTok users.

  1. Join the Viral Challenge

Usually people will get carried away with the viral flow, and when it is viral then the traffic of the audience will usually be high. You can use this to help create content that is viral. But don’t forget, it must be unique and different for tricks on how can you make money on TikTok.

  1. Select an Appropriate Song

One of the features that make TikTok famous is that the content on TikTok will automatically have a song that accompanies the shake or content that is made. When choosing a song, it would be better to choose a song that is currently viral among the public.

  1. Make sure the movement follows the tempo

When you have chosen the right song, then then try your movements to follow the tempo of the song. do not let your movements be too late or too fast, because it will reduce the aesthetics of the video you make.

  1. Pay attention to appearance

Sometimes there are still many who look at other people from the outside first. No need to fight, just follow the habit. You can take advantage of the TikTok audience’s “judging” by looking good. Try to get dressed up first so people feel more comfortable watching your TikTok videos. But still, keep up the ethics of dressing, because not all TikTok audiences are old enough.

  1. Include Pets

Believe it, pets can be a trick on how can you make money on TikTok to attract visitors into your account. But you must have a cute pets and also adorable, then you can try to make video about your pets.

  1. Use Popular Hashtags

The next tricks on how can you make money on TikTok is to use popular hashtags. Like Instagram and Twitter to make it easier for people to find, you can use hashtags. By using popular hashtags, it will increase the chances of people dropping by your TikTok account.

  1. Connect to Social Media

The next tricks on how can you make money on TikTok is connect to social media. You can connect your TikTok with other social media accounts. It will help you to increase traffic to your TikTok account that comes from social media, such as Youtube, Instagram, and etc.

  1. Collaboration with Famous Creators

Generally, these creators are also influencers. You can build relationships with well-known content creators who already have many followers. You can try making a collaboration TikTok video, for example, which hopes that this famous content creator will upload it on their TikTok account and give the follower of the famous creator an opportunity to see your TikTok account.

  1. Be consistent

The last trick on how can you make money on TikTok is of course increasing traffic by consistently making interesting videos. As much as possible, schedule a TikTok video upload. For example, you can upload one TikTok video a week on Saturdays when people are off and active on social media. So, you must consistent to do this work, because it will worth for you and can make easy money for you.

Since its launch by Bytedance in September 2016, the TikTok application is considered successful in reaping an increase in the number of users every year. Until the end of 2019, TikTok claims to have 500 million active users worldwide with downloads of more than 1.5 billion times on the App Store and Google Play.

Not only that, the data also shows that TikTok was ranked as the most downloaded app on the App Store in Q1 2019 with more than 33 million downloads. Those were the various ways on how can you make money on TikTok that you can try, of course, based on increasing traffic to your TikTok account.

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