5 Ways on How to Make Money on Amazon

Ways on How to Make Money on Amazon

5 Ways on How to Make Money on Amazon

In this article I will explain of how to make money on Amazon. Some people want to earn extra money apart from working full time. And for that, you can actually use sites like eBay, Amazon, or others to make money. Amazon has more advantages when compared to other online store stores. You can have a very large number of members. You can include product details clearly and in detail so that consumers will not hesitate to buy your product. Amazon is also trusted by many consumers because every time there is a complaint, Amazon always gives a return.

How to Make Money on Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon in 5 Ways

  1. Join the Amazon affiliate program

If you have a website, blog, or a discussion group, you have the opportunity to join the Amazon Associates program and how to make money on Amazon by driving visitors to Amazon products. Depending on the product, you will earn approximately 4% -10% of the clicks on qualifying sales. The trick is that Amazon will provide a unique referral URL that you can post on your site or blog. Then when someone clicks on your URL, their referral will be tracked, and you will be paid if this results in a purchase.

  1. Selling products on Amazon ‘Handmade’

Amazon recently launched Amazon Handmade, a service that allows you to sell your handmade goods to an Amazon audience. Currently, for a 12% referral fee, you are selling your handiwork, such as jewelry, home products (artwork, cribs, toiletries, bedding, furniture, home decor, kitchens, gardens, etc.), party supplies and stationery on their platform. Expected to compete with Etsy, Amazon Handmade provides craftsmen with the opportunity to find large potential buyers at a reasonable cost. If production capability makes you think twice, don’t worry as you can set the build time to 30 days.

  1. Publish the eBook

By registering for free at Kindle Direct Publishing, your ebook can be published on the Kindle platform in five minutes and appears on Kindle stores around the world within 48 hours. You can now publish novels or ‘how-to’ manuals online and earn up to 70% royalties on your sales. Amazon will even help you format your ebook to optimize it for Kindle users and can be way on how to make money on Amazon.

Ways on How to Make Money on Amazon

  1. Become a third party seller

If you shop on Amazon regularly, you may notice that most of the items sold on Amazon are fulfilled directly by Amazon. If you have a niche product to sell, or maybe you’re an artist and have artwork, you could be a third-party seller from Amazon and can be ways on how to make money on Amazon. You have the option of signing up for an individual plan, which is great if you plan to sell 40 or less products a month or the professional plan if you plan to sell more.

  1. Sell your original content

Another fast way on how to make money on Amazon is to sell your original content such as DVDs, books, MP3s, CDs, and videos that are downloaded directly from their site. This can be through CreateSpace, an Amazon-owned company, and you will be paid royalties every time your product is sold on the Amazon platform.

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